EMOD MOTOREN Distributor

EMOD MOTOREN is a German manufacturer of high-quality AC/DC motors. The product range of EMOD includes a series production of standard design motors as well as one-off specially design motors tailored to the exacting needs of the customer.  At every stage of design, consideration is given to the specific requirements of the customer as well as standards for the EU and country of intended installation. The product range encompasses motor powers from 0.06kW to 1700kW.

EMOD AC & DC Motors

The EMOD product lineup includes the following types of AC and DC motors:

  • Single phase motors
  • Variable Speed Polyphase Motors
  • 3 phase motors IP55 + IP23
  • DC Motors IP44 + IP23s
  • External Rotor Motors
  • Reluctance Motors
  • Encapsulated (washdown) Motors IP67
  • AC Servo Motors
  • Submersible Motors IP68
  • Wound Rotor Induction Motors IP54
  • Water Cooled 3 Phase Motors
  • Positioning Drives
  • Flat (Saw) Motors

Emod has 2 facilities in Bad Salzschlirf and Fulda Germany to meet all worldwide requirements. Their mission statement “To convince our customers with innovation, performance and Service”.

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