Corrugated Machine Parts Supplier

There would be no corrugated industry without industrial automation.  From the fluting of layers of paper, splitting to size, the application of adhesives, to the final separation and folding: cardboard manufacturing & packaging is made possible by machines. Gluers, rollers, splicers, etc. rely on motors, gearboxes, and drives to get the task done.

We are proud to be a leader in the corrugated machine sector.  This sector is dominated by only a handful of OEM’s which allows us to become specialists in respect to the MRO requirements of their equipment, by identifying their common parts.  In many instances, the OEM’s proprietary part is simply a protected version of a standard, readily available component. Our decades of experience and results in sourcing these parts provide comfort to our customers that our solutions work. We stock many of the critical spares necessary to get your packaging machinery back up and running when a failure occurs. 

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