Electromagnetic & Permanent Magnet Brakes

Electromagnetic brakes engage when the power goes on creating friction and are therefore known as Power On brakes. These brakes are either bearing mounted or shaft mounted and are available most commonly with 24 or 96VDC stators/magnets.  Other voltages may be available upon request.

Permanent Magnet brakes are used in applications where there is continuous on and off cycling and consistent performance is required.  When the power is applied a magnetic coil generates an equal but opposite force and releases the brake. Usually equipped with a mechanism to compensate for friction wear, this mechanism creates and maintains a constant air gap to ensure consistency.  Servo motors are a very popular application for these brakes.

Electromagnetic Clutch-brake units are available in both foot and flange mounted designs. These clutch-brake units are very versatile can be used in a multitude of applications either shaft to shaft or mounted directly to a motor face. These are also available in NEMA and IEC designs with inch and metric shafts offered.

Specific applications may require a more unique option.  Consult a specialist at Ability & Drive and we will do our best to find the clutch or brake most appropriate for your application.

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