Baumer Encoders Distributor

The Baumer Group--located in Frauenfeld, Switzerland--is a leading manufacturer of rotary and linear encoders, sensors, measuring instruments for automated image processing. Baumer products measure, count, sort and monitor processes to the exacting demands of numerous sectors from mining to factory automation to aeronautical and Space technologies. Included as part of The Baumer Group today are the formerly independent companies Huebner-Berlin, Thalheim and IVO now known as Baumer-Huebner, Baumer-Thalheim and Baumer-IVO.

Encoders / Angel Sensors

Encoders / Angel Sensors

  • Absolute encoders
  • Incremental Encoders
  • Bearingless encoders
  • Tachogenerators
  • Speed Switches
  • Inclination & acceleration sensors
  • Bearingless linear encoders
Position & Distance Sensing

Position & Distance Sensing

  • Inductive
  • Capacitive
  • Magnetic
  • Optical
  • Ultrasound
Image Processing

Image Processing

  • Digital Cameras
  • Intelligent Cameras
  • Camera Modules
  • Vision Sensors
  • OCR & code reading systems
Object Detection

Object Detection

  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Level
  • Conductivity
Process Instrumentation

Process Instrumentation

  • Thermometers
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Seals
  • Pressure Switches
  • Temperature switches
Force & Strain sensors

Force & Strain sensors

  • Load cells
  • Strain measurement sensors

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